Everyone has feelings and secrets, and deep down we want to share them. Where to share them sometime is the problem! Cypher app is just the place, to not only share feelings, but receive the support you are looking for. Sign up anonymously and start using the app straight away! Post secrets, comment on others posts, and show your support by using unique Cypher features.

Our Get Support function also helps to connect you with support organisations outside of Cypher, if you feel you need professional help and advice.*

We pride ourselves on keeping you safe online, not only does your anonymity help you be more open, it also keeps you safe. Our team of human moderators and computer algorithms will ensure that we eliminate online bullying and keep you safe from online bullying or intimidation.

The Cypher Team formed in 2014, and is made up of four company directors, and 12 teenage co-founders. The co-founders collectively own 15% of the company and ensure that the app is designed with you in mind.

Get help. Give Help. Be Happy.

*Please note that Cypher cannot offer individuals advice. We aim to give you the tools to select the help you feel is appropriate.