In a world full of likes, comments and followers, where it's so easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed, it's important to remember that there are People Like Us.

'People like Us' explores the realities of young people trying to navigate their way through a technology dictated world. It discusses how difficult it can be to remain optimistic and deal with issues that may arise, but overall serves to demonstrate that no matter how alone we feel, we are surrounded by countless others who are just like us.

"Thank you for taking on such important topics that we see affecting so many of our friends and peers on a daily basis. It's great coming from people of a similar age as opposed to the people who are always assuming to know how we feel" - Jaida, 10 and Renee, 17

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Price: £6.99
Age 11+
ISBN: 978-1-9165015-0-8

Available on Amazon